Rules of the Thames Path Project

Why have rules for the project?
I suspect motivation may occasionally wane a little on the path - the rules turn the project in to more of a challenge. There will be greater satisfaction when it's over if I have followed my rules successfully.

Other than that, those who know me will appreciate that if I decide to do something I will usually get fully imersed in it. Perhaps I am over obsessed by rules and details but I like things to have order and to be understood. These simple, rather trivial rules give the whole thing a structure - it's part of my mental model. I would like people to experience a little of what goes on in my head - and perhaps I might get some sympathy out of it!! ;-))

Finally, I'd like to think that perhaps I suffer from the same disease as Dave Gorman - on a very small scale.

The Rules
  1. I must walk the entire length of the official Thames Path National Trail.
  2. During each stage, at least an hour must be spent brisk walking for the purposes of exercise.
  3. I must visit at least one pub on each stage and drink a pint of beer - preferably from a local or independent brewery. I must take a photo of the pub, which must be physically on the route of the path.
  4. Other photos must be taken at frequent intervals and significant points on the path in order to give people who wish to walk by the river an idea of the terain, landscape, architecture, flora and fauna, people and other features of Thames life. A photo must also be taken at every start and end point on the path and at the disembarkation point from the public transport used to get there.
  5. I should aim to walk one stage every weekend until the project is complete. Postponements are permitted due to extreme weather or other engagements. If the weather is good and I have no other plans, I walk.
  6. Others are most welcome to join me on any stage of the project on the sole condition that they permit me to honour the rules of the project.
  7. Small deviations from the path are permitted to investigate local landmarks or other places of interest. These deviations are restricted to 20 minutes or less. Pubs qualifying for rule 3 are excluded from this rule. They must be on the path and stays can be longer than 20 minutes.

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